NTUU “KPI” projects | Відділ міжнародних проектів КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського

International projects of NTUU “KPI” (2011)
International projects of NTUU “KPI” (2012)
International projects of NTUU “KPI” (2013)

International projects of NTUU “KPI”:

Direction of cooperation Project title, program Duration Department/Faculty
Education TEMPUS VI (JPCR) “New model of the third cycle in engineeringeducation due to Bologna Process in BY, RU, UA” 2013-2016 Faculty of Aircraftand Space Systems
Education TEMPUS VI (SMHES) “A Network for DevelopingLifelong Learning in Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine” 2013-2016 Faculty of Informaticsand Computer Science
Education TEMPUS VI (JPCR) “Modernization of two cycles (MA, BA) of competence-based curricula inMaterial Engineering according to the best experience of Bologna Process” 2013-2016 Faculty of Physics Engineering
Education TEMPUS VI (JPCR) “A Methodology for the Formation of Highly Qualified Engineers at Masters Level in the Design and Development of Advanced Industrial Informatics Systems” 2013-2016 Faculty of Applied Mathematics
Education TEMPUS VI 543904-2013-GR-JPCR “Biomedical Engineering Education Tempus Initiative in Eastern Neighbouring Area” 2013-2016 Faculty of Electronics
Education 517346 Tempus-1-2011-SEEMPUS (J0PCR) “Establishing Modern Master-level Studies in Industrial Ecology” 2011-2014 Faculty of Electric Power engineering and Automatics
Education 530603-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-LT-TEMPUS-JPCR “Reformation of the Curricula on Built Environment in the Eastern Neighbouring Area” 2012-2015 Energy Saving and Energy Management Institute
Education 530319-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES Innovation hybrid strategy of IT-outsourcingpartnership with enterprises 2012-2015 Institute of Applied System Analysis
Education STCU “International Training System for Scientists in the Area of Technology Transfer Management” (Project No. 5560) 2011-2015 International Collaboration Department, Science Park “Kyivska Politechnika”, UIITE
Education MPAM EU-PC Double Degree Master Program in Automation/Mechatronics 2011-2014 Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science
Education EURASIA Development of three study modules in water management and technology for Ukraine, Byelorussia, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan harmonised with Norway (“Water Harmony”) CPEA-2011/10002 2011-2014 Faculty of Chemical Technology
Mobility EMERGE – Erasmus Mundus European Mobility with Neighbouring ReGion in the East: Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus 2011-2015 Department of Educational Work
Mobility Erasmus Mundus TEMPO (Trans-European Mobility Project On Education for Sustainable Development) 2012-2016 Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnique
Mobility EWENT East-West European Network on higher Technical education 2012-2014 Faculty of Aircraft and Space Systems
Mobility Action 2 EUROEAST Grant Agreement № 2012-2740/001-0010EMA2 2012-2016 Faculty of Linguistics/Faculty of Applied Mathematics
Mobility 15/10/2011-517138-Tempus-1-2011-1-CZTempus-JPCR EU-PC The implementation of the agreement EA-PC Double Degree Master Programin Automation/Mechatronic (MPAM) with the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency 2011-2014 Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science
Chemical science Enroute to chemically and topologically homogeneous nanodiamonds 2013-2015 Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Chemical science Double Master Degree in ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Chemical Technology’ 2012-2016 Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Information technologies Idealist 2014 (FP7 Program) 2011-2014 International Projects Department
Information technologies Developing Multidomain MEMS Models for Educational Purposes – EduMEMS (FP7 Program) 2011-2014 Institute of Applied System Analysis
Sustainable development EURASIA Ukrainian-Norwegian Collaboration on Higher Education for SustainableEnergy Development CPEA-2010/10050 2011 – 2014 Energy Saving and Energy Management Institute
Sustainable manufacturing EURASIA Sustainable Manufacturing CPEA-2011/10023 2011-2014 Faculty of Chemical Engineering
Biotechnologies Bilateral Ukrainian-Indian project “Probiotics for better digestion of antioxidants” 2012-2014 Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnique
Aerospace technologies Пекінська компанія сучасних аерокосмічних оптико-електронних технологій КНР і НТУУ «КПІ» 2011-2015 Faculty of Instrument Design and Engineering
Technology transfer NoGAP “Knowledge Transfer Community to bridge the gap between research, innovation and business creation”(FP7 Program) 2013-2016 International Projects Department
Medicine “EU-Ukrainian Mathematicians for Life Sciences” (FP7 Program) 2012-2016 Intercollegiate College of Medical Engineering
Higher education 530319-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPHES “Innovation hybrid strategy of IT-outsourcing partnership with enterprises” 2012-2015 Institute of Applied System Analysis
Energy efficiency PROMITHEAS-4: Knowledge transfer and research needs for preparing mitigation/adaptation policy portfolios (FP7 Program) 2011-2013 Energy Saving and Energy Management Institute
Innovations FRIDAFostering Regional Innovation and Development through Anchors and Networks: A Cross Regional Comparison in an Evolving International Context (FP7 Program) 2008-2010 Faculty of Management and Marketing
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